• “Educating today’s youth is critical if we are going to boost our nation’s science and technology workforce. Providing STEM learning opportunities to students in the Philadelphia area by utilizing the skills of our Navy Supply Corps Officers is one way we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians.”

    Rear Admiral John King, NAVSUP WSS
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LASSO stands for Logistics, Acquisition & Supply System Operations. The project emerged in 2012 in response to the US Navy’s commitment to STEM diversity and achievement. Funded by the NAVSUP-WSS Command, the initial goal was to support math achievement for urban students in Philadelphia, birthplace of the United States Navy.

Led by Temple University’s College of Engineering, and the Pennsylvania Mathematics, Engineering & Science Achievement (MESA) initiative, LASSO has continued to grow - from 4 cities in 2013 to 9 cities in 2014!  The success of the model is based on strategic partners within the MESA USA national network of STEM providers, working closely with Navy commands across the nation.


Who We Are

The Mission of NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) (formerly known as Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP)) is to provide Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces program and supply support for the weapons systems that keep our Naval forces mission ready. This mission is carried out by a single command organization operating as a tenant activity of the Naval Support Activities in Mechanicsburg and Philadelphia. Learn more about NAVSUP WSS

What We Do

Since 2005, Department of Defense (DoD) has recognized NAVSUP WSS 13 times for their highly successful performance based logistics initiatives. The contracting organization is comprised of more than 200 civilian and military personnel that operate as a single entity from two sites located in Philadelphia and Mechanicsburg, Pa. Together, the two sites execute in excess of 34,000 contract actions valued at $3 billion annually.

Three contracting departments reside in Philadelphia, providing contracting support to aviation operations of the Navy, Marine Corps, other military departments and foreign military customers. Similarly, three contracting departments in Mechanicsburg provide contracting support to maritime, foreign military operations, and information technology customers.

What We Believe

NAVSUP-WSS is committed to quality of life to our military members and civilian staffs and quality of community developed through extensive interaction and involvement with the community.

NAVSUP actively engages in collaborative STEM efforts across the Department of Navy (DoN), federal government and non-governmental organizations.

Baltimore, Maryland.   The 2014 LASSO camp will be taught for a second year by LCDR Michael Fourte of the Navy Recruiting Command, Eastern Region.  His co-teacher is MESA Instructor Danielle Jefferson and the camp will be hosted at Morgan State University’s prestigious School of Engineering. The camp was sponsored by the Maryland MESA, which is led by Paula Shelton, and based at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab.

Chicago, Illinois.  Senior Chief Petty Officer Mathew Enos will lead LASSO instruction  with support  from Lauren Thompson, K-12 STEM Program Coordinator at Chicago State University, under the leadership of Dr. LeRoy Jones II, Executive Director of the Center for STEM Education and Research and Acting Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at CSU.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.   LCDR Mark Bowmer of NAVSUP-WSS is the lead for LASSO in Harrisburg, including the Mechanicsburg area, home of the Navy Supply Command.  His team leader, Janelle Weir, is also a NAVSUP-WSS employee and both report to the command led by Rear Admiral John Yuen.  The camp is sponsored by Temple Harrisburg under the Pennsylvania MESA.

Memphis, Tennessee.  The University of Memphis is hosting this year’s LASSO camp, which will be taught by CDR Reginald Williams, USN, and Ms. Kelsey Ford, a graduate research assistant in the Department of Civil Engineering, Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute.

New Orleans, Louisiana.   LASSO in New Orleans will be hosted at Tulane University and taught by LtCol Timothy Huete with support from LCDR Aaron Dimas and the administrative team of Eleanor Berault and Dr. Michelle Sanchez, Director of K-12 STEM at Tulane’s School of Science and Engineering.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Temple University’s College of Engineering is the home of the Pennsylvania MESA, led by Dr. Jamie M. Bracey, who is responsible for helping create and expand LASSO across the nation.  The lead camp will be taught by CDR Kevin Cheshure, NAVSUP-WSS, who is also the STEM liaison for Rear Admiral John King, NAVSUP-WSS one of the founders of the national project to improve American student performance in math.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   The University of Pittsburgh is partnering with the prestigious Kingsley Association to bring the LASSO camp to neighborhood children in Pittsburgh, under the umbrella of the Pennsylvania MESA.    Led by Fred Brown, VP of Programs at Kingsley, and taught by LCDR Mike Fourte, LASSO is providing a bridge for STEM education between two premiere public universities that bookend the state.

San Diego, California.   The LASSO camp for California will be hosted at San Diego State University’s College of Engineering under the umbrella of the California MESA, led by Dr. Oscar Porter at the University of California.   Organized by Marvin Maldonado, Director of MESA Schools Program (K-12) at SDSU’s College of Engineering, the camp will be led by LT Blake Lingad, USN and MESA Instructor/Teacher Adan Escobedo of the Sweet Water School district.

Tacoma/South Puget Sound, Washington.   LASSO will take place in the Morken Center for Learning and Technology at the Pacific Lutheran University.  PLU is a member of the Washington State MESA, led by the University of Washington under the leadership of James Dorsey.   Newly minted CDR Anthony “Air” Tran will teach the course with support from MESA Instructor Earle McWright of Washington High School.


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    “Educating today's youth is critical if we are going to boost our nation’s science and technology workforce. Providing STEM learning…

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